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The Pennsylvania Local Income Tax Exchange (PALite) Online system allows Pennsylvania employers and residents in participating localities to quickly prepare tax returns to be sent to their local tax collector. This Act 32 compliant web site was made possible with funding from the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED).

Participating Localities

Use the Tax Filing Links at left to begin filing your local taxes.

may file with the following collectors. Click the underlined link for registration information:
may file Earned Income tax with: The system only permits online filing for people who have resided in Pennsylvania for the entire tax year.

About Us

The PALite Online tax filing system is maintained by Business Information Group (BIG) and a cooperative of local tax collectors led by York Adams Tax Bureau. If you are a tax collector and you are interested in joining the PALite experience, please contact Business Information Group's Tax Support Services team at

BIG also offers a complete series of Tax Collection Processing systems developed specifically for local tax collectors in their efforts to collect the Earned Income Tax; Local Services Tax; Mercantile and Business Privilege Tax; Delinquent Taxes; and Real Estate Taxes. Our COUNTY WIDE tax collection systems have a PROVEN TRACK RECORD. Pennsylvania local tax collectors who need to comply with ACT 32 regulations should contact BIG for more information.